Brigid Huntoon

Restaurant Manager at Barcha

I’m passionate about bringing a concise dining experience to guests. I focus on the initial interactions of service, and of ways to allow a menu to lead a new client towards a reliable experiment. I enjoy analyzing cocktail and culinary trends, organizing systems and improving the status quo, adding my unique and experienced perception to the essence of a business. I enjoy collaboration and conversation. I’m inspired by ingredients from the obscure to the common, and I am particularly fascinated by food and beverage pairings. The balance of cocktail development and company growth is an area I have experience in as well as feel excitement from! My creativity and my natural tendency to organize and guide makes me a vital part of management. I am confident, as well as down to earth, and always very aware of the experiences guests and staff are having around me. I feel those qualities allow me to develop long-term clientele and trust amongst the team I lead. Hospitality and the pursuit of excellence within the restaurant world is a lifelong passion of mine. The vision of the team I work with at Barcha has been incredibly meaningful for me!


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