Winning USR clearly demonstrates the trade how well the spirits will be perceived in the market and will give the trade a very good indicator to stock that spirits. It will also allow the trade to hand-sell the spirits to its end consumer with the confidence as the spirits was judged on the merits of value, package, and quality. Winning USA Spirits Ratings award is just the first step, Here, we provide you with the tools to make the most of your awards.

1. Make sure your bottles stand out with USR bottle stickers. Get your USR bottle stickers here.

2. Sign up for the participating events where USR will promote the winning brands. Winners.

3. Show your USR certificates and medal logos. Ensure all your retailers, importers and distributors you work with have access to USR logos and certificates. Help them create your point of sale materials. Here are some templates you can work with. Table Tents | Product Info Sheet | Shelf Talkers | Case Cards | Pricing Sheet | Award Winning Sheets.

4. Share your win on social media with below hashtags to get RT from us and our partners.

#USASpiritsRatings #USR2023 #USASpiritsRatings2023 @usaratings

5. Advertise with BTN and BevRoute. View media pack

6. Show off at Tastings. Show the on-trade you mean business at generic tastings by displaying the easily recognizable logo prominently.

7. Tell the World. Obvious but it works, do a blog post listing your successes, a news release for your regular clients and suggest your generic body does the same. Include the results in your customer newsletters, place the news prominently on your website. Send us your press release and we will send it to our media partners and also post it on BTN and BevRoute.