Otello Tiano

"My life has been filled with great moments in this industry and FAD - meaning Fashion, Art, and Drink - is a brand celebrating the bar lifestyle. FAD are staples in any bar when you’re going out and the creative lifestyle is what we're focused on.

Fashion for me is not only a huge part of what I do, but what I want my guests to enjoy the same. When I do an event, I love seeing people dressed in an outfit that makes them feel good.

Art grabs us all in different ways. It’s ever-changing and captures the taste of the moment.

Drink, a symbol of a night out and its energy, vibe, and feel good moments!

I was the former Beverage Director for Ink in Los Angeles where I created my style of bartending.  I found myself wanting to dive into Michelin restaurants, so I moved to San Francisco where I ran the Bar Program at Lazy Bear and am now working at Singlethread Farms in Sonoma. "


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