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The Francovich family migrated to Reno Nevada in 1859 and established the Wine House a favorite local bar located in downtown Reno on commercial row. As a gift for his patrons Eli Francovich developed a recipe for Bourbon dosed Holiday Nog and passed it out during the Holiday season. In 1999 the Francovich family agreed to share this family recipe again for local Nevadan’s and founded Eggnog LLC thus acquiring the first Distillers permit in the state of Nevada (Permit #1 NV-S-1).

In 2010 the Francovich family decided to share another family drink recipe, a Ready to Drink Manhattan and in 2011 was granted a Spirits Formula from the Federal government to produce and bottle as an RTD Manhattan.

In March of 2019 Comstock Distillers LLC acquired Francovich Distillers. Jim Grimes the President of Comstock Distillers is another multi-generational Nevadan, Jim’s decedents, the Jenkins family, settled in Gerlach, NV in 1875. Jim Grimes resides in Pleasant Valley, NV. Jim took the reins from Sam Francovich and with Comstock Distillers the Francovich products and Comstock Products will be brought to new heights harnessing the experience and energy of his Partners Randy Barnes and Holly Murphy. Comstock’s team is also filled with a strong influence of family members from all partners which helps ensures the development and production of the highest quality products.

Comstock as of 2023 has secured distribution for the Manhattan RTD, NV 36 Whiskey, and Virginia City Cemetery Gin in California, Texas, Illinois and Georgia with a plan to continue this unique growth.