About the USA Spirits Ratings 2018

12/05/2018 The goal of the USA Spirits Ratings is to bring global attention to high-quality spirits that are consumer-driven. All spirits will be judged according to three different criteria: Quality, Value and Packaging.

According to the organizers of the event, Beverage Trade Network, spirits that score highly on all three criteria are the types of spirits that consumers will buy on a supermarket shelf or order at a restaurant. Winning an award at the USA Spirits Ratings, then, demonstrates clear market value and consumer appeal. As a result, it is highly likely that new and innovative spirits that win awards in this competition will generate tremendous interest for commercial buyers looking to round out their portfolios.

“We are really looking to shift the conversation about what makes a great spirit,” says Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network. “Based on the success of similar types of events that our company has hosted around the world,” says Patel, “the USA Spirits Ratings has enormous potential to create a paradigm shift within the industry and re-focus commercial buyers on the tastes, preferences and behaviors of average consumers.”

USA Spirits Ratings 2018 - Judges blind tasting spirits

The three key judging criteria of the USA Spirits Ratings

To be judged as an award-winning spirit at the USA Spirits Ratings, a spirit must score highly across all three categories: Quality, Value and Packaging. According to the scoring formula used within the competition, the overall score will be weighted according to the following system:

  • Quality (0 to 50 points)
  • Value (0 to 25 points)
  • Packaging (0 to 25 total points)

Quality will take into account factors such as taste, aroma, aftertaste and body. Value will consider factors such as the retail pricing of the spirit, especially how it compares to the pricing of peers. Packaging will consider not only the design and presentation of the bottle, but also the overall brand image and how well that image matches up with specific demographic niches.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners

Spirits that score 70 points or higher shall be awarded a prize based on the following scoring scale:

  • Gold: 90+ points
  • Silver: 80+ points
  • Bronze: 70+ points

As a result of the unique scoring system of the USA Spirits Ratings, it will not be possible for a spirit to be a winner solely on the basis of Quality. Instead, a spirit will need to score highly in the two other categories (Value, Packaging) as well.

About the competition organizers

The organizer of the USA Spirits Ratings is the Beverage Trade Network, a leading company within the alcohol beverage industry that organizes events for beer, wine and spirits worldwide. Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is committed to producers and brand owners, and as proof of this commitment, has launched a new global drinks initiative that includes the London Wine Competition, the London Beer Competition and the London Spirits Competition. BTN supports the recognition and celebration of market-driven wine, spirits and beer. 

Get rated by Quality, Value, and Packaging by the top trade buyers in the USA. The final submission deadline is June 20, 2024. Here is how to enter.