Boot Hill Distillery: Crafting Excellence from Seed to Sip

30/11/2023 A Father-Son Duo Redefining Quality, One Grain at a Time in Dodge City

In the heart of Dodge City, where the spirit of the Wild West still lingers, Roger and Hayes Kelman are not just distillers; they are cultivators of an extraordinary legacy. Boot Hill Distillery, owned by this dynamic father-son team, is a testament to their commitment to crafting world-class spirits with a unique touch – a journey that begins with planting the seed and ends with the perfect pour into your glass.

A Legacy Planted in the Soil:

Boot Hill Distillery is more than a name; it's a promise. Roger and Hayes Kelman take ownership to another level, planting, growing, and harvesting every single grain that goes into the crafting of their exceptional spirits. This hands-on approach ensures that their spirits are genuinely "from soil to sip," with meticulous attention given to every step of the process.

Image Source: Boot Hill Distillery Facebook

Quality Control at Every Turn:

From the moment the seed finds its home in the soil to the instant it transforms into a meticulously crafted spirit, Boot Hill Distillery exercises full control over the final product. The Kelmans' dedication ensures that each bottle you purchase is not just a spirit; it's the pinnacle of quality, standing out as the highest-quality offering available anywhere in the world.

Craftsmanship in Every Batch:

Boot Hill Distillery doesn't just produce spirits; they curate experiences. Each spirit undergoes a journey through 500-gallon batches, a process that involves careful attention from growth to harvest, milling to mashing, fermentation to distilling, and finally, bottling. This commitment to craftsmanship shines through in every sip.

Image Credit: Hayes J. Kelman   Image Source: Boot Hill Distillery Facebook

Custom-Crafted Distillation:

At the heart of Boot Hill Distillery's operation is a custom-crafted pot still/two-column setup. This unique approach ensures that every spirit is not only crafted for maximum drinkability but also bears the distinct mark of Dodge City. It's not just a drink; it's a wholly unique product that reflects the spirit of its origin.

A Toast to Dodge City:

Boot Hill Distillery isn't just a distillery; it's a celebration of Dodge City's spirit. Roger and Hayes Kelman invite you to experience the essence of their craft – a journey that encompasses the vast fields of grains, the meticulous distillation process, and the soul of the Wild West in every bottle. Raise your glass to Boot Hill Distillery, where excellence is not just a standard; it's a tradition.


Image Source: Boot Hill Distillery Facebook

Boot Hill Distillery’s Rosemary Mule achieved the highest score at the 2023 USA Spirits Ratings and took the Ready To Drink of the Year and Gold medal with a score of 96 points.

A RTD Rosemary Mule with aromatic ginger ale on the nose and palate with a surprising kick from high alcohol content. Aggressive sweetness followed by pleasant gingery spice, makes its well balanced choice.


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