Navigating USA Spirits Ratings Judging Criteria

12/06/2024 To succeed in the US market, get to know the USA Spirits Ratings. Analyze the judging criteria for packaging, value, and quality with expert judges.

Are you a spirits producer eager to make your mark in the US market? Earning recognition through the USA Spirits Ratings competition could be your ticket to success. However, what precise standards are applied to decide if your product wins the much-desired Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards? Let's explore the rigorous judging criteria for insider information on winning these esteemed awards.

1. Quality Score (Q):

A spirit's quality is what makes it stand out among the rest. Taste, aroma, texture, and overall drinking experience are the greatest weights assigned to this category during the judging procedure.

At USA Spirits Ratings, a panel of experienced spirits buyers and industry professionals serves as the judges, and they carefully consider every entry, rating it from 1 to 100. Your spirit needs to score 90 or more to win the gold, which is awarded for its unique flavor characteristics and outstanding quality.

Image Source: BHAKTA 1984 Armagnac, Best Spirit By Quality at 2023 USA Spirits Ratings

2. Value Score (V):

The value offer closes the deal, while quality sets the stage. Judges evaluate whether consumers receive value for their money by analyzing the link between retail price and quality. Offering a high-end product is important, but so is making sure that it offers value appropriate for the price. A high-value score means that your brand successfully strikes the ideal mix between cost and quality, appealing to customers who value both quality and value for money.

Image Source: Winn Dixie Scotch, Best Spirit By Value at 2023 USA Spirits Ratings

3. Package Score (P):

Packaging is essential for drawing customers in and making a statement on the shelf in a market full of options. Judges examine every aspect of the packaging for your product, including the overall presentation, design, and label aesthetics. Does the essence of your brand come through in your packaging? Does it have an air of refinement and appeal?

A strong package score raises the perceived worth of your product in the eyes of customers while enhancing its shelf appeal and quality.

Image Source: Dr Beak New Zealand Premium Gin, Best Spirit By Package at 2023 USA Spirits Ratings


Who are the judges?

The USA Spirits Ratings feature a panel of top-level spirits buyers and industry experts, offering years of experience and expertise. Judges from retail chains, wholesalers, and on-trade groups ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Our competition aims to help brands grow in the US off-trade market, with judges including buyers from various sectors and importers and distributors catering to off-trade.

Image Source: USA Spirits Ratings 2024 Judges

In conclusion, each of the three grading criteria—quality, value, and packaging—must be mastered in order to obtain a USA Spirits Ratings award. Mark your calendars for July 21, 2024, as the judging day approaches. Get infront of key buyers in the USA and position yourself for success in the competitive US market. Submit spirits before the final submission deadline of June 20, 2024.

Media, importers, distributors, and customers from around the world pay attention to the USA Spirits Ratings, a prestigious global competition. Winning a medal can significantly enhance brand recognition and trust.

Get rated by Quality, Value, and Packaging by the top trade buyers in the USA. The final submission deadline is June 28, 2024. Here is how to enter.