Unearthing the BHAKTA Philosophy: Where Time Meets Treasure

25/09/2023 Unveiling the Elixir of Time: BHAKTA Spirits' Odyssey of Discovery and Revival

At BHAKTA Spirits, their story is one of relentless optimism and an unwavering belief that the world is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. They are the modern-day adventurers, the seekers of forgotten spirits and the guardians of decrepit properties, driven by a profound appreciation for overlooked quality and latent potential. Their quest spans continents and centuries, guided by the unshakeable foundation of their Four Pillars: the pursuit of the Rare and the Exquisite, all in the noble service of Value and Purpose.

BHAKTA Spirits: Crafting Time in a Bottle

BHAKTA Spirits stands as the ultimate purveyor of the world's most exquisite spirits. They are not mere spectators of time; they are its architects. Through a meticulous blend of strategic acquisition, creative casks, and artisanal craftsmanship, they present you with an unparalleled opportunity to savor the essence of "time in a bottle."


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The Four Pillars: The Guiding Light

In the relentless pursuit, they are captivated by the allure of the Rare. Yet, rarity alone does not suffice; they chase the Exquisite. Their collection is a showcase of assets, not ostentation, and it is imbued with Purpose. The heartbeat of BHAKTA Spirits resonates with the mission of Revival: resurrecting overlooked spirits, restoring decrepit farms, and much more.

Ancient Spirits Resurrected

The story of our flagship Armagnac began in a rather unexpected manner, as many great tales do, with a Cadillac. In the summer of 2018, their founder, Raj Peter Bhakta, embarked on a journey through the picturesque countryside of southwestern France in an Escalade that seemed almost as wide as the winding local roads. His mission was clear: to uncover the secrets of a land known for its reclusive and often overlooked craft spirits. What he discovered left him utterly astonished.

Amidst the pastoral landscapes, he found an unwavering commitment to craft and a relentless pursuit of quality. Here, production harkened back to a bygone era, rejecting the standardization and industrialization that had come to dominate the distilled spirits industry. With decades of experience in the spirits world, both as an enthusiastic consumer and a pioneering business owner, Raj was convinced that old Armagnac was not only the best but could be even better.


Image Source: BHAKTA Spirits Facebook

A fading dynasty was parting with its estate, and Raj seized the opportunity. They had safeguarded their treasures with remarkable diligence, and now, truly ancient spirits awaited a finishing touch. In exchange for part of his fortune from the sale of WhistlePig, he acquired the brandy, the cellars, and the entire chateau. Today, he shares these timeless treasures with the world, a testament to our enduring commitment to uncovering and revitalizing the treasures of forgotten times.

At BHAKTA Spirits, they invite you to embark on a journey with them—a journey where time meets treasure, where rarity meets the exquisite, and where purpose breathes life into every sip. Join us as we continue to unveil the hidden gems of the spirits world and share them with the discerning palates of the world.

BHAKTA Spirits’s  BHAKTA 1990 Rum acquired the best score at the 2023 USA Spirits Ratings making it Rum of the Year & Gold with a score of 98 points.

An elegant aged rum with a powerful aroma and body, offering deep complexity and layers of flavor. Tasting notes include honey, molasses, baking spices, cinnamon, and clove, contributing to a deep and complex profile.


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