Grain to Bottle Handcrafted NY Spirits

17/04/2021 Hand-crafted spirits inspired by the literature of James Fenimore Cooper, an ode to Cooperstown’s reputation of honoring excellence.

Picture the charming beauty of Otsego County, the clear waters of Lake ‘Glimmerglass’ and the iconic National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum filled with fans from all over the world. Among all of these inviting places stands the Cooperstown Distillery, home to some of the nation’s finest spirits. A farm distillery and a member of the Cooperstown Distillery Beverage Trail, Cooperstown Distillery is the only artisanal spirits producer in this beautiful county. 

The chief of the mission of producing finely crafted spirits is Eugene Marra, a longtime restaurateur and lover of fine, distilled spirits. It was his love for finely made spirits that fueled his passion to start a venture of his own and resulted in Cooperstown Distillery being born. A thorough New Yorker, he wanted New York to be the focal point of his spirits and with the help of all New York grain, the distillery is doing just that. While the mission was to get the taste of New York in their spirits, the aim was to stand up to the historic relevance of the Cooperstown name.

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