Major Spirits Marketing Moves In 2021

19/01/2022 Ryan Reynolds aboard Virgin Voyages and Bentley partnering up with Macallan. A recap of 2021’s most talked-about Marketing collaborations.

Marketing strategies are crucial for any brand in the world. The right kind of strategy determines the survival rate of that brand. When more awareness spreads through different campaigns, competitions, etc., to the right kind of target market, it helps build the brand immensely.

Tanduay Scores a Basket

Tanduay Scores a Basket

Source: Tribune.Net.Ph

Since 1854, Tanduay has been creating an Asian Rum with very elegant and smooth notes leaving a mark all across the world. This Filipino rum brand recently signed a multi-year partnership with Minnesota’s Timberwolves. The midwestern basketball team will showcase Tanduay on their courtside. As a brand, they are striving to bring the world closer and introduce people to new spirits. This is a brilliant way to target a new demographic and of course, instill purchasing in the general public.

Loch Lomond on the Field

Loch Lomond on the Field

Source: Sports For Business

This Scotch producer has come up with a great marketing strategy in partnership with the Pro 14 Rugby Competition, that involves the audience voting for their favorite coach of the month. The coach in turn gets awarded with a bottle of Loch Lomond, along with a highlight of their success in the field of Rugby. 

This is a great way to get the fans involved in their favorite sport but most importantly, for the brand, to create awareness of its existence which in turn increases the sales for the same.

Madness to Genius

Martin Miller’s gin

Source: Martin Miller’s Instagram

Martin Miller’s gin brand came up with this brilliant campaign. The Affordable Online Art Fair teamed with this gin brand. The partnership was set to take place with the debut of the brand's target marketing plan, which included the phrase "From Madness To Genius." Martin Miller, co-founder of the gin brand believes that this collaboration is the result of his efforts to make the brand the finest in the world. The subject "Madness to Genius" is an ode to all of history's talented artists, where ‘madness’ is synonymous with ‘creativity’. Grab your Martin Miller’s bottle today.

Glen Scotia’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Glen Scotia’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Source: Glen Scotia

This Loch Lomond-owned distillery is one of the last standing distilleries in Cambeltown. Glen Scotia is partnering with Great British Entrepreneur Awards to award deserving spirits entrepreneurs each month deserving of the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ title. The distillery was founded in 1832 making some of the best Scotches in the world, despite the changing times, recognizing similar entrepreneurs to celebrate their victories is befitting.

Fluère Drinks and Drives

Fluère Drinks and Drives

Source: Fluère Drinks Instagram

Sponsorship is another way to increase sales and create visibility for the brand. Fluère zero proof spirit signed a sponsorship with Andretti United Extreme E racing team and became the first non-alcoholic spirits brand to sponsor the team. Another thing they have in common is their love for sustainability which is a great boost for both brands since the value of the brand increases and gains trustworthiness.

Macallan Blazes On

Macallan Blazes On

Source: The Moodie Davitt Report 

The Single Malt Scotch and the American Automotive brand have collaborated to team up work on a wide range of projects which enhance each others’ brand and enhance customer experiences. It will also focus on the climate positive and environmentally friendly practices the two brands have been practicing to do their bit. Such marketing collaborations are huge in industries and promote the brand and also open new markets bearing potential customers to cater to.

Moon is the Limit  for Nemiroff

Nemiroff Vodka and Spacebit

Source: LinkedIn

Spacebit is carrying out its First UA mission to the Moon in 2022 and it has teamed up with Nemiroff Vodka to take with them a 3D printed waste-free Ukrainian flag. Nemiroff Vodka is known for its environmentally friendly packaging and it is indeed a big plus on the world platform to be recognized as the first Ukrainian spirits brand to go to the moon.

Carhartt & Guinness Collab

Carhartt & Guinness Collab

Source: Guinness Instagram

Iconic clothing brand Carhartt and beer brand Guinness have come together to give us the best of both worlds for the third time. The beer brand has designed merchandise with Carhartt introducing their Heritage Collection which they are proudly presenting. Combining almost 400 years of history the brands are aiming to present their history. Collaborations like this increase market share in the businesses thus providing both brands a competitive advantage in the market.

Aviation cruises with the Virgin

Aviation cruises with the Virgin

Source: Virgin & Aviation Gin Instagram 

Aviation American, Ryan Reynolds’ gin brand has taken its partnership with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic to the next level. This gin brand is now taking a sea route and going aboard the Virgin Voyages. The brands are run by two very influential men in their respective industries nonetheless, their marketing strategy being simple yet entertaining caught the attention of millions. According to the cruise line, when you pre-purchase a Bar Tab before your next trip—which presently includes an extra $50 on the house—you'll have access to several unique Aviation Gin-based cocktails.

Do The Conga

Snapchat and Bacardi

Source: IBB Online

Snapchat and Bacardi have joined hands to create a filter to celebrate the release of their song track. The brand is encouraging people to dance to the Conga song and post it on their stories. The more they dance to the song, the more it unlocks the rest of the song eventually stringing the entire dance routine to the song. This is a smart way to spread awareness, cater to the mass public, and virally spread the name of the brand. 


It is good to reach out to and build a good customer base and target more sectors of consumers but also essential to grab the attention of market insiders and competitors. The aim here is to build a legacy, a heritage that stays on for as long as it can. There are a lot of aspects to factor in before building this legacy which when done the right way can impact the world as well as the brand in a big way and leave a mark in the industry.

Header image source: Virgin 

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