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21/07/2018 Skeptic Distillery is dedicated to distilling truth into gins and vodkas in a cold vacuum process to achieve otherwise unattainable flavors

Skeptic Distillery Company is a privately held corporation owned and managed by the president, Karl Loepke.  The business of the company is distilling craft gins through a process little used in the industry: vacuum distillation.  Vacuum distillation is a process that allows the distillation to occur at much colder temperatures than normal, which allows delicate and otherwise unattainable flavours to become a part of the finished spirit.  Skeptic produces its own line of regular production and limited release speciality gins, and in the near future, whiskeys and other creative spirits derived directly from its owners' history and knowledge of craft beers. Skeptic is located in the near west suburbs of Chicago.

They began with a healthy scepticism about the traditional copper still system. While based on time-tested methods, the age-old system is relatively expensive, inefficient and space-gobbling. Skeptic Distillery explored new methods and came up with a curious invention that melds science with craft.

Gin: Gin has remained essentially the same since its origin in the 17th century. Skeptic Distillery, a new and unique Chicago gin distillery, decided that it was time for a change. They distil their gin under vacuum at cold temperatures to achieve nuanced flavours and a smoothness and that cannot be attained from traditional methods.

Made in the spirit of tradition but with an innovative gin distillation process, their gin combines the flavour of juniper with aromatic organic botanicals for a fresh new taste. Skeptical? Just give it a try — neat or in a specially concocted cocktail — and you’ll be a believer!

Vodka: Skeptic Distillery, a new and unique Chicagoland vodka distillery, has combined craft with science to produce truly exceptional vodkas. Using the highest-quality ingredients available, they distil their spirits under vacuum at cold temperatures to achieve a very drinkable, smooth and original vodka.

Are you a cocktail connoisseur? Sceptic vodka is extremely mixer-friendly. With its subtle flavour notes and fragrances, their vodka is also enjoyable by itself. Serve it ice cold to bring out the rich flavour.

Whiskey: A new whiskey distillery in Chicagoland is a reason to celebrate! Skeptic Distillery’s beer-produced whiskey spirits fill a unique niche in craft brewing. Their whiskey is made from beer mashes that are fermented to completion, such as high-gravity beers. High-gravity beers are bolder and more flavorful and generally, have a higher alcohol content.

Skeptic Distillery begins with a beer wort. Wort is the malty liquid that converts the starches in the malt grains into sugar. This sweet, sugary liquid is used to ferment or brew the beer, and it’s what gives each beer its unique flavours. They distil this wort or “beer starter” into a delicious finished whiskey that concentrates the complex grain, water and yeast flavours of the beer.

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