Meet 2019’s Whisky of the Year from USA

The 2019 USA Spirits Ratings announced All Points West Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey as the Whisky of the year.

All Points West Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey seized the title of ‘Whisky of the Year’ at 2019 USA Spirits Ratings, that took place in San Francisco, on July 21. The whiskey also obtained the ‘Best Spirit of the Year by Packaging’ award along with a gold medal.

All Points West Distillery brings an old trans-Atlantic whiskey style back with their All Points West Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey. This whiskey is mashed, fermented, pot-distilled, and aged under a single roof. Distilled from Irish malt, corn, German malt, and water from the protected Newark Watersheds in the Appalachian Highlands, this whiskey is a true craft spirit.

All Points West Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey

Before 1920, Newark New Jersey had 26 functioning breweries which supplied amazing water and was run by multiple generations of British, Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants. Today, none of those breweries exist in the area. Inspired by the lost tradition, All Points West Distillery brought back the alcohol production to Newark. As Florence Fabricant, a food and wine writer for the New York Times, said – Many artisanal spirits that are produced at the distillery are worth adding to the bar.

All Points West Distillery is located near Mc Carther Highway (Route 21), beyond the elevated train tracks. On Fridays and Saturdays, it is open for tours, tastings, cocktails and bottles sales. You can find their whiskey and other spirits at many stores, bars, and restaurants of New York. Some of those places include Lisbon Wines & Liquors, Blue Angel Wines, Cedar Grove Liquors, Cork Wine and Spirits, The Thirsty Quaker, Fornos of Spain, Harper's Table, Crown Gastropub, Antique Bar & Bakery, and Lucky on Avenue B.

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